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Know about Lamborghini Huracan Top Speed and Specs

Posted at February 5, 2017 5:04 by Golovkin in Lamborghini Huracan
Know about Lamborghini Huracan Top Speed and Specs

The flash velocity is the title that has made Lamborghini as the super car for more than couple decade. And of course every products they release and produce always getting some able-to-expect questions like how fast is it or how much is the top speed, and many else. One of the series that is considered new and still being produced is this one named Huracan. This Huracan version is actually divided into three series of LP 610-4, Spyder and the Super Trofeo. Nevertheless, those three have already standardized into similar machinery and facility including the performance that boast this Lamborghini Huracan top speed is considered the same and not too far in difference.

Lamborghini Huracan Top Speed 2017

Getting closer to Lamborghini Huracan

Huracan series is actually created within the carbon fiber frame to fit the hybrid breeding packed with electrical function and composite mate. The type of engine in V10 placed within ninety degree of fourth valves with max power and torque in rate of 615 CV and 564 nm. Not to mention the seven velocities LDF transmission with double clutch shifts and drives train in variable selection. That monstrous stuff behind its hood is able to boast the LamborghiniHuracan top speed up to 203 mph.

lamborghini huracan super trofeo top speed

The Lamborghini Huracan top speed is labeled on the measurement of around 327 km/h with the accelerator system that can sprout out zero to hundred km per hour within three seconds and multiplied it into the 124 mph or two hundred kilometer per hour at no more than 10 second to hit the pedal with no hesitation. This might not be the fastest Lamborghini, but it is quite enough to call this car as the superveloce. Also read: The Details and the Price of 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago

Some tests have proven that the frame of this car is wielding the important role to create such speed. The manufacturer even tries to shave some weight on this car to surpass the Lamborghini Huracan top speed in more than 327 km/h. Just don’t let your LamborghiniHuracan crash when you drive it!

Gallery of Know about Lamborghini Huracan Top Speed and Specs

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