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Lamborghini Egoista Top Speed and Performance Reviews

Posted at September 23, 2016 14:09 by Golovkin in Lamborghini Egoista
Lamborghini Egoista Top Speed and Performance Reviews

When it comes to shock us, Lamborghini Company seems to be unpredictable. This kind of thing was happened on the Lamborghini 50th anniversary party in Italy back in 2013, where all the VVIP member and customers as well as the mastermind behind the Company gather in one place for a party. We had a great occasion being invited to make some reviews about it then, and indeed they did stun us by showing us such amazing car concept called the Lamborghini Egoista. From the very first it is launched to the crowd with its only one unit in the world, we did begin to wonder how Lamborghini Egoista top speed is and what stuff behind its hood.

The wild Energized beast of Lamborghini Egoista

There is one thing that was crossing our mind apart of the Lamborghini Egoista top speed, specs of performance. It is the name that is entitled on this car. The name bears its name with the meaning of selfishness, and when we asked the chairman of Lamborghini, we know the meaning behind it.



This unusual name attached in this car is mean to depict how fantastic it is, since it is just one creation and production, and then it is called the egoist only one car, and nobody in this world will feel the haze to drive this car to check how tough it is and knowing the Lamborghini Egoista top speed and performance. They just sightseeing it from afar. No less no more with dropping jaw. also read about: Lamborghini Aventador Price in 2016

It is the car that is supposed to be egoistic, not the people behind the making of this car. so, in the end of the event, we have some quick interview with some designer and experts who are involved in this car’s creation and find out that this car is packed with V10 5.3 L enginery and this Lamborghini Egoista top speed is calculated around 203 mph in estimation, and ranged LamborghiniEgoista 0-60 is in 3 second.


Gallery of Lamborghini Egoista Top Speed and Performance Reviews

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