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Unpretencious in Four Door Sedan Lamborghini Estoque

Posted at October 5, 2017 12:50 by Golovkin in 2017 Lamborghini
Unpretencious in Four Door Sedan Lamborghini Estoque

Lamborghini Estoque is a  four-door super sports car that elevates Lamborghini tradition with entirely new flexibility. For those who unlike to look too much, this unpretentious car as a four-door sedan suited for daily driving without left any aesthetic matters. It tells you about super sports car in highly efficient GT collaboration. For you that prefer a unique taste this is also an excellent choice because as a rare design of Lamborghini, Estoque gives the touch of metallic grey as luminous style. It has long wheelbase with the full track and oversize wheels. The Estoque also combined with a bit silhouette and bold performance as its expression in the creativity of the Lambo style applied to a groundbreaking concept sedan. So, for you that had an enormous of interest about this Lamborghini product, please continue reading!

Lamborghini Estoque General Information.

Lamborghini Estoque first introduced in Paris Motor Show, 2008. It is first front-engine car by Lamborghini since it launches Lambo lm002. The Estoque comes with a four-door sedan in € 230,000. It derived from bullfighting in Italy that means a type of sword traditionally used by a matador. It manufactured by Automobili Lamborghini S.p. An in full-size luxury car class with front-engine, all wheel drive with 5.2 L V10 engine estoque price uk

Lamborghini Estoque Specification


For you that still do not get any description how can a Lamborghini still a deluxe unit within a four-seats in a sedan shape? Here the full specification of it, check it out!

  1. It has maximum power in 640 Bhp 2 8000 rpm with maximum torque is 660 Nm @ 6000 rpm.
  2. With a six manual gearbox, Lamborghini Estoque top speed is 340 KMPH
  3. It has curb weight in 1665 kg with 100.000 liters fuel tank capacity.
  4. Mileage in city 2.5 km and highway 4 km
  5. It can reach 0-100 kilo mph in 3.30 seconds

Lamborghini Estoque Design

It’s exterior design consist of body colored bumpers, both side electric for Outside Rear-view Mirrors and tinted glass. For lighting features there are xenon headlamps, front fog lights, darkness sensing headlamps but do not has any ORVM Turn Indicators. It builds with leather seats, rear center armrest, driver seat adjustment but no folding rear seats and sunroof.

Lamborghini Estoque Price

In 2016, The Estoque priced at a price among $200,000 and $250,000. Or for you that loves to collect hot wheels Lamborghini Estoque, it is priced at price about $ 71,421.00

Lamborghini Estoque Review

Lamborghini Estoque combines both sharp and curved strains to reach a functional and beautifully point up there. It executes high reduce of air input car must be far more stilted, and you will see which solve pick to mix into it. Based on interior design and facility, it is nevertheless not an excellent concept. It enough in comfort and convenience by carbon fiber and aluminum accents complimented with a high-quality leather seat as a feature inside.

Lamborghini Estoque is a simple vehicle for driving a long way with a deluxe taste that can enjoy by four people. It convertible will possible use highly developed infotainment system as perfectly, which really should feature navigation and also another handy tech from the get-go.

Gallery of Unpretencious in Four Door Sedan Lamborghini Estoque

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